Sunday, November 20, 2011

#58 : Mixology at Twentyone Kitchen and Bar

I just love classes from Time Out KL. Still reliving the memories from the previous class I attended, the Coffee Class, I was given the opportunity to try a hand in making cocktails, like a pro. Accompanied by Chai Yin, my partner of crime for the day, we had a quick lunch before heading up the higher level in kitchen and bar, located in Changkat, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Array of GlassesSexy ShelvesHennessy VSOP, Joseph Cartron Creme de Cassis, and Aromatic BittersChai Yin's fascinations - Nicely cubed ice

We were warmly welcomed by professional bartender Ben and Timothy (from fluidalchemy). As an introduction, we were invited to whiff and swirl a glass of Hennessy Cognac, where he explained briefly the origin of the drink, composition of the drink and how to enjoy it. Definitely a good start to the program. Next, we headed to our own station, where we were introduced to several items, including some sexy tools named Hawthorn Strainer or something like that.

Ben working the ladies (and the bar)Mixology tools.

We were told not to sit, as bartenders themselves will stand throughout the night serving hundreds of cocktails. No problem to that :)
Ben invited us, pairs by pairs, to come behind the bar and experience shaking the drinks. Gosh, the shakers were sub zero cold, shaking drinks is definitely an acquired skill. The thing behind shaking the drink, is the shake face. How is it relevant? I'll let you know in person :)

Shake face!!!

There were 4 drinks that we attempted and made that day, Dirty Diablo, Side Car, Apple Cobbler and Spiced Pair Martini. As the materials and tools lined up nicely on our stations, making the drinks was actually not that hard. Measurements were important to acquire the ideal composition of the drinks, but they can be adjusted according to taste.

La Dirty Diablo
Building up the Apple Cobbler
Sidecar Apple Cobbler
Spiced Pair Martini

Coincidentally, my favorite drinks (and not just because I made them) were in the same order, Dirty Diablo being my favorite and Spiced Pair Martini the least actually. The moods I had when having those drinks were : Dirty Diablo - Party Starter, Side Car - Social Prowess, Apple Cobbler - Desserts Anyone and Spiced Pair Martini - Uh? Yeah, moods! Coz I suck at explaining the flavors. Moving on!
Overall, mixology is definitely an art I respect and admire, and also I found that bartending is tad sexy. Should've done some gig as part time last time :)

We tried smuggling it out. We tried.
Sexy lineup.

Special thanks to Ben & Timothy, kitchen and bar, and Time Out KL for this experience again :)

Professional Bartenders in MakingMe, Ben, Chai YinSome recipe if you wanna try em :)


  1. wow feel like being a barrista all in a sudden!


  2. LOL Fish, you make the drinks yea, I'll happily indulge :)

  3. good times right.. lol! you didn't get drunk did you? :)

  4. Those won't get you drunk Isaac, lol, they'll loosen you up a little though :)

  5. nice one.. glad to meet u that day but was rushing so didn't stay to say hi to everyone..

  6. No worries Jean, nice to meet u too :)