Friday, November 11, 2011

#69 : Miss Universe Malaysia Gala Night

Supporters of Gabriella at the cocktail party

Meeting Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Ms. Deborah Henry

Spectacular, glamor and beauties were the spotlight of this black tie event. The theme of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 (MUM2012) is Hip|Urban|Relevant|Real, which are supposed the embodiment of the pageant hopefuls. The gala night is the conclusion of the long running 30 Days Beauty Camp, where 19 girls started off and now its down to the final 9, where one of them will eventually be crowned MUM2012.

Stage for the Night

Courtesy of Johnnie Walker, I was invited over to witness the crowning of the new Miss Universe Malaysia and the departure of Deborah Henry, the incumbent of the coveted title.

Drinks for the Night :)

From left to right : Ivan, Sky, Richard, Yeong Boon, Ivan (yes, I love myself too, thanks)

From top left clockwise : Superior Hot & Cold Combination, Braised Traditional Crab Meat Soup with Nippon Scallop and Asparagus, Wok Fried Prawn Meat with Supreme Soy Sauce, Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Spicy Mango Sauce.

From top left clockwise : Deep fried Garoupa with Soy Sauce, Stewed Ling Zhi Mushroom with Fresh Bean Roots in Roasted Garlic Oyster Sauce, Chilled Lychee with Honey Sea Coconut in Syrup, Steamed Fragrance Lotus Leaf Rice with Crispy Shallots

Held at the Sunway Convention Center Ballroom, we arrived to a cocktail party and socialized around before the dinner and the live telecast. We were assigned table 69, nice seating number on their end. Around 8-ish, the dinner event started. Andrea Fonseka, the National Director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization, started the event with an emotional opening speech.

Andrea Fonseka

The event was then kicked off with the minor awards, Miss Fitness, Miss Best Hair, Miss Congeniality etc etc. Concurrently, dinner was served, but in rather rushed manner, am not too sure whether is it to cater the live telecast or bad timings on the organizer's part.

The live telecast started when it was the 3rd or 4th dish served, where host Will Quah opened the show with a little broadway performance. The 9 finalists then graced the stage with the swimwear, my eyes were glued on the stage while I was eating, uh, can't remember but I was eating something, can't focus that much.

The current stand of the SMS voting as per the night was revealed, with a whopping 51% dominance from Gabriella, who seems to be in the lead of the pack, followed by Kimberly and Juanita. The lines will be closed at 10.30pm, and the result of this SMS voting may or may not affect the final pick for MUM2012.

SMS Standings

The night was further glittered with the performance by Dayang Nurfaizah, who belted out English numbers, one of which is Single Ladies by Beyonce. She then sang 'I Believe I Can Fly' accompanied with the 9 finalists with their evening gowns, gracing the stage again.

Dayang Nurfaizah

Finalists with the evening gowns accompanied by Dayang Nurfaizah.

The night continued with the narrowing of the 9 finalists to 4, leaving Kimberly, Gabriella, Lu Xanne and Juanita, all in the running in the hopes of becoming the next top...I mean...the next MUM2012.

The final 4 were then put in a grueling task of answering a question from a judge picked by random.

Kimberly anticipating her Question
Stephanie Tay vs Kimberly

Stephanie Tay, founder of Kyla Ruiz Brazil, questions Kimberly, Malaysia is a multi racial country and how Malaysia can strengthen its unity. She sails through the question and even added the quote "Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu" in her answers, very smartly done on her end.

Gillian Hung vs Juanita Ramanyah

Juanita was asked by Gillian Hung, President of Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA) of how to promote Malaysia in the international level if she wins MUM2012y, poor girl had a slight slip up in delivering her answer but she pulled through.

Andrew Tan vs Lu Xanne

Andrew Tan, founder of andrewmodels Malaysia wants to know what Lu Xanne perceived of the beauty pageantry as degrading and no relevance in today's society. She managed to answer through, but a little too scripted and generic for my liking, and a lil' forgettable (I totally can't recall what she answered, gasp o_O).

Datin Lena Fonseka vs Gabriella

Datin Josephine Lena Fonseka, former MUM1970, really dropped the bomb for Gabriella, by asking
"With the Internet, Malaysian youths are exposed to information and influences that may not be inline with our values and cultures,what is her opinion on it?". Gabby managed to bounced back, suggesting that parents should play a stringent role in keeping their children safe in the Internet community.

Before the final results, the voting lines were closed as of 10.30pm and Gabriella won the people's SMS Choice award, nice feat on her part. Deborah Henry then walked her last walk as MUM2011 on stage, reflecting her magnificent journey as we prepared to witness the next crowning of MUM.

SMS Choice Award winner - Gabriella

The final walk as MUM2011

Deborah Henry and Will Quah

I was happily sipping the Gold Label when it was finally the results, of MUM2012 been announced. Second Runner Up, and I suspected that it is due to the final question on her end, Juanita bagged 4th place. Luxanne came in 3rd, leaving People's Choice Gabriella and trailing contender Kimberly to compete for the MUM2012 title.

4th place - Juanita

Anticipating the results

And the winner.... KIMBERLY! Congrats to Kim and may she make Malaysia proud as how Deborah has done, if not better :)

Thanks Johnnie Walker Malaysia again for the invites to this event :)

Winner embracing runner up after results have been announced.

Getting the sash from Deborah.

Kimberly crowned as Miss Universe Malaysia 2012.
Kimberly taking her 1st strut as Miss Universe Malaysia 2012.

The finalists

Met Winnie Loo at the event night as well.

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