Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gadget Review : Sudio TRE Earphones

Streaming along the wireless generation, comes Sudio’s latest line of wireless earphone - Sudio Tre.

Drawing inspiration from the active lifestyle, we can now sweat it out  while enjoying your favorite tunes without worrying about the cable tangle that connects to your phone. 

Bro Tips : Before you go all eww on the sweaty part, lucky for you, the Sudio Tre is sweat-proof. You’re welcome.

Those skeptical of how the wireless in-ear earphone stays without falling off while you do your daily routines (and/or sports), the Sudio Tre is modelled with wing tips (the package will include spare wing tips so that you will get the fit you are most comfortable with) for that ergonomic and secure fit for your ears to mitigate the fall.

Sound transparency is what Tre offers to, which means that you are still pretty aware of your surrounding sound and that your earphone does not totally cancels the exterior sound, good for me as I get pretty carried with the music while walking on the street and not noticing passer byers and/or vehicle honks (yes, that’s me, dangerous walker)

Here's the driver specification available for audiophiles

Type: 15,2 mm dynamic speaker
Sensitivity: 103 ± 3dB SPL @ 1 kHz 178mV
Impedance: 32 Ohm ± 15% @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Wait, if it is wireless (running on Bluetooth 4.1), it must draw its power from some internal battery, right? Does it last long though? The answer is, depending on how you perceive time, 9 hours (if active) and at least 10 days (on standby). Charging time is less than 2 hours for full charge, so you pretty much able to have it charged fully as fast as your phone.

You might have heard me saying this before, but I do believe Tre is yet again another elegant and minimalist accessory that hails its Swedish/Scandinavian root and designs. Also provided, a handmade leather carrying pouch, charging cable, and quality assurance card (and that 3 pairs of wing tips to fit your ears perfectly).

Sudio TRE comes in 4 different colors: Sudio TRE - Black, Sudio TRE - Classic Blue, Sudio TRE - Pink, and Sudio TRE - White. TRE is priced at RM 409. To sweeten the deal for this festive season, you can get 15% discount for your Sudio earphones, just remember to quote psylancer when you make the purchase. SUDIO Sweden is also having a 2017 Christmas and Year End promotion now that they give FREE Gift Box for every purchase and FREE Delivery to Malaysia. Now that's a deal!

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