Monday, November 30, 2015

Gadget Review : Sudio KLANG Earphones

Christmas definitely came slightly earlier this year as I was looking for a complement and a companion for my phone on the move or traveling, and Sudio Klang came along. If you're from Malaysia/been to Malaysia, no, the earphone is not manufactured or originate from Klang. In fact, the elegant Sudio earphones hails with its Scandinavian roots from Sweden.

Delivering on studio quality and exquisite designs, Sudio prides on its timeless design philosophy. The chic design of the earphones accompanied by its homochromous leather case, makes it a perfect lifestyle accessory regardless of the event I may be in - casual or suited up. Gone are the days of tangled earphones, the flat wires fits well into the case on the go.

Plus, they do make pretty photogenic accessory that fits well to your social media feeds. Sudio also emphasizes on craftsmanship, where most parts of the production process still involve human handmade intervention. Now that's commitment to quality, I may add!

Bro Tips : They take on the manufacturing, design and sales task without the need of the middleman, which is why their cost is significantly lower than other leading, quality earphone brands you see in the market. 

I am particularly partial to Sudio's Stay-in-Ear feature, particularly the Klang design. One cord is notably longer than the other and receives support from the user's neck to prevent the earphones from being pulled out, accessory anyone? The Sudio earphone also comes with a metal clip to hold them in place while you're in motion. 

The three buttons practically save you the hassle of constantly checking your phone. The top and bottom buttons controls the volume, and the middle one is a heck of a multitasker - pause/play , forward/backwards and even rewinds your playlist. 

Bro Tips : I've been a staunch user of Samsung products, and although the Klang earphone is excellent in the sound quality avenue, it is primarily designed to support iOS, which hinders certain features on Android. PS:  Holding down the middle button on a push actually starts your Siri, as I learned from using my brother's iPhone. 

Here's the driver specification available for audiophiles 

Type: 10.0 mm Dynamic Speaker
Sensitivity: 102 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1kHz
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

The 10.0 mm Dynamic Speaker is designed to deliver a natural bass without compromising the high tones, think of it like you're a recording artist. It's good to delve into your own world of playlist and not being distracted with the intrusive surrounding noises and Klang delivers just that.

Also included, 4 pairs of extra sleeves/earbuds to customize to one's ear, and a chic looking quality assurance cards that completes the Sudio set. Klang currently comes in four colours - Brown, Black, White and Orange (anyone who know me well would know which colour I would choose without a shadow of a doubt!)

Klang is priced at RM 249, and they do ship the product worldwide for free! To sweeten the deal for this festive season, you can get 15% discount for your Sudio earphones, just remember to quote psylancer when you make the purchase.

Ideas, inspiration and look book can be reached at

Do check out their other Sudio Earphones designs as well :
Två - features one button only to fit all devices and with two long cords.
Vasa - newly released with a new sound driver with a full–feature 3-button remote and mic for either Android or iOS. PS: Vasa's cords are of the same length, therefore it does not have the stay-in-ear functions.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Discovering : Macau

Going on a budget for accommodations in Macau could be a challenge, where even the oldest looking rooms could fetch up to RM350 per night (The room that we stayed costed us HKD 1130.12). Given that our flight is from Macau International Airport, we had no choice but to opt for 2 nights here.

Accommodation : Ole Tai Sam Un, Rua da Caldeira, No. 43-45, RC/A, Macau.

Senado Square
Ole Tai Sam Un is relatively walking distance to Senado Square (But locally known as 新馬路, San Ma Lo), one of the iconic landmarks of Macau.

Bro Tips : The locals here predominantly speak Cantonese, so they probably wouldn't know the English or the Portuguese equivalent of the places here, it is best that you consult the concierge or mark your maps so that they would know the Cantonese name of the destination.

Noodle with Shrimp Roe
Few of the delicacies to try in Macau include the famous Pork Chop Bun (literally, a piece of pork chop on the bone with the bun) & the Macanese/Portuguese Egg Tart. The breakfast we had was the famous Noodle with Shrimp Roe at Wong Chi Kei, a famous dish Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou.

Wong Chi Kei, 17 Largo do Seal Sonado, Macau

Ruins of St.Paul
We headed to the Ruins of St.Paul, and being the most iconic place in Macau, it is generally crowded in the morning, with tourists taking pictures in generic and otherwise improbable poses. Less crowded? Try going at night.

Travessa da Paixão
Within close proximity of the Ruins, you would be able to find the small Na Tcha Temple (Templo Na Tcha,大三巴哪吒廟) dedicated to worship the deity Na Tcha (Nazha) as well as the Travessa da Paixão (戀愛巷, Love Lane - facing the Ruins, it the lane should be on your left); a colorful lane that is a favourite among photographers for wedding photo shoots.

Fortazela do Monte
Facing the ruins, on the right, you can work your way up to the Fortazela do Monte (大炮台), a 8000 square miles fortress equipped with cannons and watchtowers and where you can have a panoramic view of Macau.

Bro Tips : Walking distance from here you should be able to find St. Anthony's Church and Tau Tei Temple, few of the other notable places of interest.

From the ruins, we managed our way to the Tap Seac Gallery and Tap Seac Square, worth wandering here if you are keen on photogenic historic buildings with European façade that is. You would be able to find your way to Senado Square back from here for shopping or plain sight seeing.

Of course if you are an adrenaline junkie, make your way to the Macau Tower for the bungy jump (and/or other extreme activities) which I have covered in my earlier post. >> Jumping from the Macau Tower

Single Origin cafe
We found a corner located cafe, Single Origin that is compact like many businesses here in Macau but their owners are exceptionally friendly and they took their time explaining their brew and coffee. Wouldn't mind coming back here if I am going to Macau again that is.

Single Origin, Macau, Rua de Abreu Nunes 19 R/C

From here, if you are on time crunch, you can either go for these two routes which I have planned earlier on.

The bridge connecting Cotai and the Peninsular
A-Ma Temple - Lilau Square - Mandarin House - St.Lawrence Church - St. Joseph Church - St. Augustine Church - Senado Square

Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre, Macau Museum Arts, Macau Cultural Centre, Macau Science Centre, Macau Fisherman Wharf, Golden Lotus Square

We chose the latter option, and explored the chic architecture of both the Macau Arts Museum as well as the Macau Science Centre.

Macau Arts Museum
And to wrap the day up, we went to the Cotai area and visited a few casinos (well, not really in the casino as we are not gamblers per se and only soaked in the regal and expensiveness of the casino's vicinity).

The Venetian
Bro Tips : Venetian, Four Seasons, City of Dreams, Sands Cotai Central & Galaxy are the notable casinos located at the Cotai area, whereas Lisboa, MGM & Wynn are located at the Macau Peninsular. Comparably, the casinos in Cotai looks grander, whereas the ones in the Peninsular are known for being the first few casinos that was founded in Macau.

Lisboa Casino
Basically, without the inclusion of the Macau Tower, you probably would be able to visit places like A-Ma Temple and the Mandarin House, and also if there is an extra day to spare, try visiting the villages like Taipa and Coloane. I might not visit Macau again that soon but perhaps a change of mind is possible with the idea of the creamy, delicious Macanese Egg Tarts - just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Food Review : Two Pesos, Kota Damansara

As an unsuspecting passerby, I have initially thought that Two Pesos was a restaurant that is specialized in South American or Filipino cuisines but they were anything but. The name was mused from the eventual two pesos that the owner of the restaurant have kept during his wife and his' trip to Boracay (ta-da), and their love for each other and food have transcended to the concept of Two Pesos.

Hot pots are normally conceptualize for sharing but the Two Pesos have adapted the idea of Taiwanese steamboats that are ideal for a diner (if by any reason you've decided to be #foreveralone for the meal, just drop by, no one is going to judge) or otherwise. Two Pesos insists that their hot pots are affordable, value for money and more importantly innovative in terms of their cuisine.

Extensive research have been done in order to pair the right soup or broth with the ingredients that go in it as well as the ideal pot to cook the broth altogether. I myself can be a clumsy wreck (at times), so if you are apprehensive about cooking, they will cook the fresh ingredients to order for you. Aside from the essential trio of dining, 色香味 (Color, Aroma & Taste), you can expect delectable presentation from the vibrant vegetables and meats used as well stylish pots that fits well to your social media feeds.

In term of the menu, it is converged to choosing the pot accompanied by soup of choice, one meat (ranging from pork, beef, seafood and fish) and a typical Asian complement of rice, yee mee or mee hoon. Add-ons are readily available upon, from additional meat, vegetable and other regular steamboat complements such as egg, tofu, fish balls and crab sticks among many others.

Here are some of the potted highlights of the day

1. Two Pesos BBQ Pot (RM 19.50)- When we wanted our vege to soak in the broth and enriching it but still have seared meat slices, this is just the pot to go for. Ideal when you're torn for both worlds.

2. Tajine Seafood Pot (RM 18) is interesting in the sense that tajine are traditionally used for Moroccan dishes paired with lamb, but Two Pesos innovated the seafood pot by using returning condensation towards the bottom of the pot, ensuring ideal stewing to bring out the best of the seafood flavours.

3. Italian Tomato Pot (RM 16) - When hearty tomato soup calls, this is the pot to go, not forgetting to mention the cute yellow pot that goes with it. 

4. I do quite fancy the taste of this Lemon Seafood Pot (RM16), the acidity and zesty note to this savoury soup does it for me. I think this goes well with fish, but pork does it for me too. And for some reason, they have opted for the Hello Kitty pot, which will be the kids' favorite.

5. My personal favorite of the day would be Milky Seafood Pot (RM 16). As the name suggests, the seafood are immersed into the milky broth, but I would add on some pork slices just to give the broth an extra surf and turf personality to it. 

6. The Basu Spicy Pot (RM 15.50) has enough spicy notes to it but not to the extend of knocking your socks off. A hot pot ideal for cold days. The pungent spices used is slightly overpowering for me, this might be for those with acquired taste for this spicy soup. Goes well with pork or beef.

7. The Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM 15.50) has the charm of the authentic mirin and soy taste in the Japanese sukiyaki sauce but incorporated to the hot pot concept, for those who prefers the Japanese take on it.

8. Another recommended favourite would be the Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM 15.00), slices of pork or beef are seared on the hot pot to slightly render the fats and cook the meat with scallions and garlic, before adding the soup base to it.

Bro Tips : Condiments are available to enjoy alongside the cooked meat or vegetables - Available condiments include garlic mash, spring onion, bean paste, sacha sauce and chilli sauce

Despite having to sample all the hot pot, I would visit Two Pesos again for a few of my favourite soup. Two Pesos also have a branch in SS2, Petaling Jaya, aren't we PJ people that lucky? :)

Two Pesos Kota Damansara
No 32-1, Jalan PJU 5/9,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Food Review : Pretz n' Beanz, IPC

Pretz n' Beanz, brain child of Anna Chong and her husband from Singapore, marries the concept of enjoying freshly baked pretzels (conventional pretzels meet reinventions the key in their menu) and brewed coffee for a hearty meal to dine in or on the go.

Formerly known as Chillacup, IPC houses one of the two current outlets of Pretz n' Beanz (the other is located at Solaris Mt. Kiara). The rebranding was done to incorporate the concept of pretzels and coffee and making it relatable (Evident from its logo where you can spot the pretzel and coffee bean, intertwined to form a heart shape, and you could see the word '人' which is human in Chinese, and the vibrant background to sum that Pretz n' Beanz love for people and there are something for everyone).

Back to business, aside from the usual suspects of baked (not fried) pretzels, Pretz n' Beanz offers a variety of pretzel dishes (pretzel pizzas, pretzels and stew) and some other notable dishes such as pastas, breakfast menus and toasts.

It is literally my first time sampling these pretzels, and I must say on first bite I am sold. Being made fresh upon order, they absolutely did not compromise on quality, on every bite. Recommended pretzels would be their Basil Cheese (RM 6.90) and Cinnamon Sugar (RM 5.90), or really, on its own accompanied by dips.

If you are a hearty breakfast person or brunch hunter, the Champignon Baked Eggs (RM 17.90) is the way to go, runny yolks that coats the red sauce consisting of tomato, mushrooms and chicken makes it a perfect dip alternative for the pretzel.

New on their menu would be their Pretz n' Stew series - a choice of Beef Goulash (RM 20.05), Green Curry (pictured above, RM 17.90) or Cheesy Chicken (RM 17.90), all served with two freshly baked pretzels each. I do quite fancy the Green Curry, the compendium of spices worked well for the savoury dip for the pretzels.

Then came the fusion of pretzel and pizza, best of both worlds perhaps? Above is the classic Chicken Hawaiian flavour (pretzel dough blanketed with pizza sauce, chicken ham, pineapple cube and mozzarella) and the newly introduced BBQ flavour. As the dough is pretzel based, it won't be the thin crusted pizzas that we know but towards the fluffier texture. 

Pretz n' Beanz are not ALL about pretzels, they do have all day dining menu like the Baked Rice (pictured above, RM 14.75).

Or... if you are a pasta person, you could go for their aglio olio (with mushroom - RM 17.90, prawn - RM 28.50, or smoked salmon (picture above) - RM 26.40).

While their signature pretzels are worth the visits, Pretz n' Beanz are equally committed to their House Blends as well. Notable brews recommended are Espresso Macchiato (RM  7.00), Caramel Macchiato (RM 13.90) and their Caffe Latte and Cappuccino (RM 11.00 each).

Regardless of your cup of drink (caffeinated or otherwise - they do have healthy juices options too to combat the hazy weather and the heat), you can always rely on a comfortable stop in IPC after your shopping or strolls. Shout out to Pretz n' Beanz for hosting us, we definitely filled our bellies with the delicious pretzels and don't mind another visit :)

G23, Ground Floor, 
IPC Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03-7732-0175

Extra Bits :

Part and parcel of attending a food review is that we might be able to sample new, off the book dishes. This is fresh from the kitchen, unnamed but it is safe to say, it is a creamy dish in a bread bowl accompanied with fries to look forward to. 

Also, to support and in conjunction with Pink October month for breast cancer awareness, Pretz n' Beanz also introduced a limited time, pink inspired pretzel and beverage (do check it out if you're in the IPC outlet).

Monday, September 7, 2015

Tips and Tricks : AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump

I've called it! After the 43m leap of faith in New Zealand (read all about it Here) , I found myself jumping 233m from the Macau Tower, the highest bungy jump in the world currently.

If the bungy is not appealing or too intimidating, you may also opt for the Skyjump (slight deceleration compared to bungy), Tower Climb, and Skywalk (a walk outside the tower for that slight vertigo) activities, but I'll keep that for some other time if I find myself in Macau again.

Just like any AJ Hackett branches you may visit, safety is paramount for all jumpers, the safety features and information pertaining to the jump, cords and FAQ can be found in their website. Located at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre (around 6 minutes drive from Senado Square), the fastest way to get here is by cab or you can board the bus (MT4, 18, 32 or 33) that all leads to the tower.

Once again I found myself financially wiped out with the bungy jump costed at MOP 3088 (Approximately RM 1680) and the full combo of MOP 3788 (RM 2060). Luckily, since I've jumped with AJ Hackett's before, I was given a waiver of 20% for the jumping cost, in total I've paid MOP 3269 (Jump : MOP 2470 and Video/Photo combo : MOP 799, totalling up to RM 1771). Notable difference between my previous jump and this is that they provided GoPro to capture the video alongside the jumper, pretty awesome addition I must say! Also, you can't really put a price on your safety, no?

It is advisable to pre-book the jump and select the schedule that you prefer, I chose the 12.30 p.m. slot only to complete the jump around 2pm, that's quite a long wait right? A testament to the popularity of the bungy jump itself!

Entrance to tower is separately charged I'm afraid, at MOP 135 for adults (Do check out the other rates and opening hours here). The ticket will take you all the way up to the 61st storey of the tower (although the ticket could grant you limited access to other floors for sightseeing too) for the jump preparation.

If you are a solo traveler like me, you may deposit your belongings at a rental locker for a fee of $30 (for 3 hours) after you have checked in / registered for your turn. Each jumper would be given a red t-shirt (orange t-shirt for the Skywalk and crew) which serves as an easy identification of the type of activity you are participating in.

After the weigh in and changing to the tee and the canvas shoes provided, it was time to the plank! While patiently waiting for your turn, you get the privilege to see a fair amount of people in front taking the plunge, if the wait itself isn't already intimidating.

There would be a chair that allows the Jump Masters (yes, I think this is what they call themselves) to carefully strap the harness and cords on you. They are very friendly and will engage in conversations while waiting for the ropes to be delivered up from the previous jump. They may have a little cruel sense of joke, but it is all good, if you are on the 61st floor, that is half the battle already and probably nothing could stop you. 

Bro Tips : Another notable difference to my jump in NZ is that there is a lever for you to pull after the 2nd bounce so that the rope can slowly descend you down to safety.

... Until you got on to the plank. While waiting for my turn, I've gazed down, so I know exactly what I have gotten myself into. After seconds of GoPro interview and camwhore moment, I found myself half feet on the plank and the count down began. In 5... 4... 3... 2... and...

That was when I plunged. Instinct and impulse took over. And I did it. I really did.

Second time around, it wasn't easier I must say but once the adrenaline rush took over - Scream, Pray or Curse or just do the Scream-Pray-Curse combo like I did. After a floating in mid air for a few seconds, and some awkward failure of pulling the lever, I finally released the lever and I was slowly brought down to the safety cushion.

Unfortunately, after taking one last camwhore shot and still strapped with the harness, I found myself walking towards the exit of the safety cushion, only to be halted and questioned with intimidation by one of the ground staff. He questioned, "Where are you going?", as if I have done something really impulsive to him. Of course I responded that my stuffs are still up the tower, so I wanted to go up? He just gave me a really cold stare and point blank told me to "wait for instruction".

Here's the thing, I speak fluent (if not perfect) English and I would understand his instruction, IF GIVEN. Assuming that I have missed his instruction (cut me some slack, I have just jumped the highest bungy and the adrenaline was still pumping, and I was still visibly excited), he could've told me in the most polite manner, with a fucking smile, "Sir, please wait here until we have unstrapped you". I don't know how this particular staff is trained but attitude is unacceptable. 

PS: I have emailed to the manager pertaining to this issue but as per the date this blog entry is written I have not gotten any outcome of the investigation from him, so I have no qualms sharing this experience publicly. 

All in all, that blunder aside, I am definitely looking forward to the next adventures AJ Hackett has to offer. 

USB and Membership Card
Bro tips : Upon completing the jump, I received the USB containing the pictures and videos, and a membership card that allows you to jump for a steady rate of MOP 1,088 for the next three consecutively jumps, and the 4th jump is free. Macau temptation is strong!

Full video of the jump can be viewed here.
Also, the GoPro angle can be viewed here. :)