Monday, November 26, 2012

A Child's Love

Sam walked into the room smiling like a Cheshire cat,
Up to something mischievous again, I can guarantee that,
Briskly reached to the nearest color pencil and fleeted off the room,
Absolutely curious, I can only now guess and assume,
Nonetheless, I laid down the hammer and nail I was holding,
Guess I'll hang the frame later, Sam is a mystery now worth solving.

Partially a spy now, I tippy-toed right to where Sam was found,
About to catch her off guard when it was the other way around,
Reading what he wrote on a sincere, scribbled card broke my heart
A flower decorated, birthday card to my wife of 25 years who had passed on,
"Daddy take my picture for mummy" he gleefully asked to photographed his art,
Extremely touched, I wiped my tears and said "Sure thing son"

Such a young, pure hearted child I have so dear to me,
Undeniable love he has for his mother, despite being apart already,
Caring for him is all I have now, and will always be,
Kindred to cherish, I gave him a huge hug, tightly
Sam hugged me back with words so endeared, "I love you daddy".

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Marina Mahathir's Book Launch - Telling it Straight

A respected and passionate activist of her caliber,
Speaks her mind, upholding what she believes beyond borders,
She paves the road for citizens to voice out, a true inspiration, 
A powerful woman, daughter and truly Malaysian!

Courtesy of Starbucks Malaysia, a bunch of us were given the fast lane opportunity to meet this remarkable lady in Starbucks Borders, The Gardens. A social and political activist, she is among the many Malaysian who dares to Tell It Straight, you want it, you got it!

I must admit I did not follow all her articles (23 years since her first posting in the Star), but non the less, the issues she takes on, and how she represent Malaysians via her other articles I've read is commendable.

Her new book, Telling It Straight is 264-pages, covering topics like Youth & Education, Democracy & Politics, Faith & Religion, HIV, Speech Freedom, Gender Issues & Social Values.

The book retails at $12.95 (the actual price printed above its ISBN number), you can get yours from Borders *winks*

On top of that, I managed to greet the wife of former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and mother of Marina Mahathir, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah binti Haji Mohamad Ali, another remarkable lady who advocates cause and welfare of rural women, aiding youths who are victim of drug abuse, among her many contributions to the country. She is down to earth and poise, and pleasant to talk to. Regardless of my political beliefs, I was hoping that Tun Dr. M would be there as well, but he wasn't there due to other commitments. 

It was a great Saturday evening to sum it all. I'll continue reading the book once I've published this blog post :)