Monday, November 26, 2012

A Child's Love

Sam walked into the room smiling like a Cheshire cat,
Up to something mischievous again, I can guarantee that,
Briskly reached to the nearest color pencil and fleeted off the room,
Absolutely curious, I can only now guess and assume,
Nonetheless, I laid down the hammer and nail I was holding,
Guess I'll hang the frame later, Sam is a mystery now worth solving.

Partially a spy now, I tippy-toed right to where Sam was found,
About to catch her off guard when it was the other way around,
Reading what he wrote on a sincere, scribbled card broke my heart
A flower decorated, birthday card to my wife of 25 years who had passed on,
"Daddy take my picture for mummy" he gleefully asked to photographed his art,
Extremely touched, I wiped my tears and said "Sure thing son"

Such a young, pure hearted child I have so dear to me,
Undeniable love he has for his mother, despite being apart already,
Caring for him is all I have now, and will always be,
Kindred to cherish, I gave him a huge hug, tightly
Sam hugged me back with words so endeared, "I love you daddy".

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