Thursday, June 30, 2016

Handcraft Review : CraftbyZeus Bracelets

Beads are symbolic and used widely for prayer and devotion in various religions and civilization, as well as health and monetary denomination in certain countries. In tandem of modern trends, craftsmen reinterpret and remodel the traditional beads to fashionable, trendy accessories that appeal to all age and gender.

Taking inspiration from the exotic South East Asia, CraftbyZeus delivers quality handcrafted pieces, suitable for a complementary fashion accessory. Every handcrafted bracelet are scrupulously decorated with beads made of imported semi-precious stones and stone chips, irregularly coloured and distinctively patterned held by durable beading cord. The beads are accentuated by up to five assorted Tibetan silver and Nepalese charm which gives each bracelet customization flexibility and a sense of individuality.

Premium bracelets by CraftbyZeus
CraftbyZeus offers a selected array of collection. I chose Aegeon from the Veekaro Cobalt Signature because I was drawn to the aesthetics of the darker blue and matte black beads. The other collection such as Enigma of Angkor and Retro Shanghai 1930 speaks to the diversity of the accessories based on themes that suits your personality.

Alternatively, if you feel like having the beads assembled your way, there is a customization option at their website where you can arrange the beads and charms whichever way that tickles your fancy. 

Navigation friendly site to help choose the bracelet of your choice
You will be given an option to specify your wrist measurement to ensure that your bracelet fits perfectly. Each bracelets are made to order, just hit to their website CraftbyZeus for more info. Each bracelet comes with a slick design case, a special wiping cloth and a carrying pouch, suitable for those on the go and about. Loving the Great Gatsby vibe on the case design!

Also, do use the discount code IVAN5 upon purchase. Do let me know which design you choose! :)

In the Blues
Aegeon, Veekaro Cobalt Signature collection
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