Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tips and Tricks : Chatuchak Weekend Market

It is probably the unofficial mandatory thing to do for those visiting Bangkok for the first time to go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. 

Chatuchak (Thai : จตุจักร), often known as JJ market houses a ridiculous amount of more than 8000 stalls, and you can basically buy almost anything you need (or don't need but buyer's impulse tells you otherwise). 

Chatuchak's famous Coconut Ice Cream - Remedy for broken heart and hot weather
Bro Tips : Chatuchak market is divided into 27 sections, plan well for what you want to buy and you should be able to find what you want.

Map of Chatuchak Market, intimidating right?
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Categories according to Sections. Save this in your phone. You're welcome.
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Getting to Chatuchak is no rocket science, but it pays to know where to stop exactly if you are taking the BTS or the MRT. Taxi drivers would most likely stop you at one of the small exits and you can navigate based on your JJ market map from there.

Bro Tips:
Via BTS - Get down at Mo Chit station, follow the horde of people, 95% of them are most likely going to the JJ market.
Via MRT - Get down at Kamphaeng Phet, where you will alight at the middle of the market

It could be terribly scorching towards the afternoon, therefore if you can, try to be there during the opening time of most of the stalls (say 9 a.m.). Of course, the basic checklist before going for any activities where you will be exposed to the sunlight most of the time - Wear comfy clothes and shoes, sunblock optional, and equip yourself with a bottle of water to stay hydrated. 

Paella in Thailand
Never the less, the abundance of food and beverage stalls means you can always grab a fresh bottle of orange juice or beer along your labyrinth journey. Don't forget to try the local som tam (papaya salad), grilled seafood and my personal favorite, the coconut ice cream (I can't find the same tasting ice cream back here in Malaysia, well impressed).

Somehow find myself addicted to the orange juice here. Behind, DuckCafe sounds like cute clothing line
The range of cheap clothes and affordable souvenirs here simply mean that you should not go home empty handed, heck even a non-regular shopper like myself found myself buying at least three t-shirts here (average 150 baht, MYR 15)

Wish that these are found in our pasar malam 
Hand made Thai soaps
Note that the shops here are open on weekends (9 a.m. till around 6 p.m.) and selected shops (plants etc) opens on Friday evening (6 p.m. till late). If I were to revisit my weekend here, I would go there earlier and solely focus here for half a day, this is a bargainer's playground and the plethora of food here makes this place a foodie's haven too.

Bro Tips : You can also slot some time for some good food massages here. And Thailand being Thailand, they are affordable for your hourly rate. 

'Some' loots from the Weekend Market. :P


  1. It has been years since I last visited this crazy huge market! My first visit was when I was just 13 years old when my mum took me back to her hometown in Bangkok. This market was smaller and located in town. People called it "Thieves Market" as stolen goods were also being sold back then. Today it is really a paradise to shop and eat.

    I love your socks, shoes and watch!!! How come I won no watch from Jords?? Tsk!

    1. Jalan Petaling gives more of a Thieves Market to me, lol. Or rather an International Merchant street, even majority of the vendors are not local.

      As for Jord, better luck next time :P

  2. I wish I read this before my visit to this buzzling market! I was so lost! Those iced fresh juices were definitely life-saving.

    Your blog's been a pleasant read, Ivan. Looking forward to your updates!

    Michelle from

    1. What is a good travel if we don't get lost every now and then :)

      Definitely ignites the feel to revisit this place too. Thanks Michelle :)

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