Sunday, April 26, 2015

Food Review : Slurp Cafe

I just love the feature walls and over all ambiance of Slurp, it's East meets West of the comic world in one cafe. Located in Three Two Square, Petaling Jaya, this rather colorful cafe can't be missed (it is facing the Toyota Showroom and next to Starbucks).

Leading the array of the fusion dishes that we sampled are the hot and cold appetizers. Slurp's take on Okonomiyaki is generous on their seafood components (scallops and prawns), crispy bacon (do note as this is a Pork Free joint, the bacon is NOT pork) with drizzles of Japanese mayo and Okonomi sauce topped with sprinkles of bonito flakes to lift the overall flavor of the dish. The sauce may be slightly too savory for my liking, so no condiments are needed for sure for this app.

Hawkeye had his target on the Okonomiyaki (RM 29.90)
The Best Chicken Salad Ever comprised of grilled chicken, the regular salad greens, crunchy carrots and capsicums with Asian inspired salad dressing, on a bed of udon dressed with sesame sauce. A decent salad I must say for those who fancy something on the healthier spectrum.

Hulk Smash!!! The Best Chicken Salad Ever is all the green you may need for dinner. RM14.90
On the other side of the spectrum, is the Maggi Murtabak. One might think that it is conceptualized from the rice burger, where the 'bun' is actually made from the Maggi Goreng (fried Maggi noodles) without compromising the flavors of Maggi Goreng that we locals love. Served with chicken patty, sunny side up egg, salad sides and potato wedges, this is one pretty solid entrée I must say.

Nick Fury assembling the Maggi Murtabak. RM23.90
Another local fusion dish to watch for is the Sambal Pasta. The pasta is cooked to al dente packed with feisty sambal flavor, accompanied with what I would call a Nasi Lemak fix ins - fried anchovies, peanuts, curried prawns, spicy cockles, pan fried chicken, cucumber, hard boiled eggs and of course, sambal. Indecisiveness of having Western or Local for dinner has finally met its end for this dish.

Feeling patriotic like Captain America? How about some local flavor of Sambal Pasta? RM 24.90
If there is any signature dish that would define Slurp is their Omurice. The egg would normally be served on a pocket form on the rice and cut open when served to blanket the rice. The creamy, fluffy omurice is probably one of Slurp's stronger repertoire I would say. They have a variety of omurice combination to choose from, the ones we had was with Squid Ink Rice and the other was with mentaiko (marinated roe). Patrons can opt for add ons with their rice, but I personally felt that the rice + egg + savory sauce would seal the deal for me.

Black and White Jedi Omurice. RM 23.90.
Iron Man's solid favorite. Mentaiko Omurice - RM19.90. Chicken Chop add on RM7.
Where signature drink is concerned, I certainly wouldn't mind stepping in to a controversial territory of their Durian Latte. The coffee aroma married with the pungent durian taste, this coffee may not be for everyone's palate but it certainly worked for me. 

Bro Tips : For stronger, more pungent taste of the durian, go for the hot durian latte. Alternatively, for a smoother taste, go for the cold/iced version of it.

Probably Thor had a vision that this drink is of Asgardian Level. Durian Latte 
Slurp is currently introducing two desserts for those with sweet tooth. Mango Blast and Strawberry Fountain. A compendium of fresh fruits, sorbet, and ice cream would definitely put a sweet finish to your meal. Alternatively, Slurp do have cakes (and mind you, their cakes are sch-amazing as well!).

Spidey's thinking should he go for Strawberry Fountain....
.... or the Mango Blast
Whether if you are here for some hearty meal or just to chill at the cozy cafe with desserts and coffee, Slurp is definitely one place that I would return to often. (I think I shall head for my fix of Durian Latte as I type - And oh, have you watched the lastest Avengers yet?)

No. C-16-01, Dataran 32 (3 Two Square)
No. 2, Jalan 19/1 
46300 Petaling Jaya 
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7497 1367

Business Hours: 
8am – 1am. (Tuesdays – Fridays)
9am – 1am. (Saturdays – Sundays)