Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Food Review : Pretz n' Beanz, IPC

Pretz n' Beanz, brain child of Anna Chong and her husband from Singapore, marries the concept of enjoying freshly baked pretzels (conventional pretzels meet reinventions the key in their menu) and brewed coffee for a hearty meal to dine in or on the go.

Formerly known as Chillacup, IPC houses one of the two current outlets of Pretz n' Beanz (the other is located at Solaris Mt. Kiara). The rebranding was done to incorporate the concept of pretzels and coffee and making it relatable (Evident from its logo where you can spot the pretzel and coffee bean, intertwined to form a heart shape, and you could see the word '人' which is human in Chinese, and the vibrant background to sum that Pretz n' Beanz love for people and there are something for everyone).

Back to business, aside from the usual suspects of baked (not fried) pretzels, Pretz n' Beanz offers a variety of pretzel dishes (pretzel pizzas, pretzels and stew) and some other notable dishes such as pastas, breakfast menus and toasts.

It is literally my first time sampling these pretzels, and I must say on first bite I am sold. Being made fresh upon order, they absolutely did not compromise on quality, on every bite. Recommended pretzels would be their Basil Cheese (RM 6.90) and Cinnamon Sugar (RM 5.90), or really, on its own accompanied by dips.

If you are a hearty breakfast person or brunch hunter, the Champignon Baked Eggs (RM 17.90) is the way to go, runny yolks that coats the red sauce consisting of tomato, mushrooms and chicken makes it a perfect dip alternative for the pretzel.

New on their menu would be their Pretz n' Stew series - a choice of Beef Goulash (RM 20.05), Green Curry (pictured above, RM 17.90) or Cheesy Chicken (RM 17.90), all served with two freshly baked pretzels each. I do quite fancy the Green Curry, the compendium of spices worked well for the savoury dip for the pretzels.

Then came the fusion of pretzel and pizza, best of both worlds perhaps? Above is the classic Chicken Hawaiian flavour (pretzel dough blanketed with pizza sauce, chicken ham, pineapple cube and mozzarella) and the newly introduced BBQ flavour. As the dough is pretzel based, it won't be the thin crusted pizzas that we know but towards the fluffier texture. 

Pretz n' Beanz are not ALL about pretzels, they do have all day dining menu like the Baked Rice (pictured above, RM 14.75).

Or... if you are a pasta person, you could go for their aglio olio (with mushroom - RM 17.90, prawn - RM 28.50, or smoked salmon (picture above) - RM 26.40).

While their signature pretzels are worth the visits, Pretz n' Beanz are equally committed to their House Blends as well. Notable brews recommended are Espresso Macchiato (RM  7.00), Caramel Macchiato (RM 13.90) and their Caffe Latte and Cappuccino (RM 11.00 each).

Regardless of your cup of drink (caffeinated or otherwise - they do have healthy juices options too to combat the hazy weather and the heat), you can always rely on a comfortable stop in IPC after your shopping or strolls. Shout out to Pretz n' Beanz for hosting us, we definitely filled our bellies with the delicious pretzels and don't mind another visit :)

G23, Ground Floor, 
IPC Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03-7732-0175

Extra Bits :

Part and parcel of attending a food review is that we might be able to sample new, off the book dishes. This is fresh from the kitchen, unnamed but it is safe to say, it is a creamy dish in a bread bowl accompanied with fries to look forward to. 

Also, to support and in conjunction with Pink October month for breast cancer awareness, Pretz n' Beanz also introduced a limited time, pink inspired pretzel and beverage (do check it out if you're in the IPC outlet).

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  1. I was once an addict for pretzels until I had to watch my weight esp the Cinnamon Sugar which is my top favourite.

    I like this outlet you just shared as the whole menu looks inviting and so tempting!! I must go!