Monday, November 28, 2011

#55 : Bunking in Double Tree KL

Not too long ago, Double Tree by Hilton KL organized their 8th Birthday Bash giveaways, in which I managed to snag some room stays :) Family and I checked in on a Saturday afternoon, and upon arrival, my family were given complimentary signature chocolate chip cookies. The cookies didn't stand a chance, all were gone in an eye blink.

The guest room is pretty chic, the Guest Room we got was located in the 13th floor of the Intermark building. The view outside the window weren't exactly scenic but it was not that much of an issue as the room is chic! Twin beds with comfy pillows, and a #likeboss equipped bed stand next to it with cute alarm clock, and remote control in a box.

There's a comfy sofa to invite guests over if you wanted to, and the working desk is absolutely executive like. The call-in menu for breakfast seems to be very tempting but that can wait. I think :)

The bathroom has the electronic blinder that allows your room mate to have a voyeuristic experience to watch you shower, and speaking of shower, the rain shower is an absolute joy :D The vanity kits, shampoo, and shower gels etc are awesome stuffs too.

The bathroom provided in the room was kinda handy, once your done with the shower, or when you're done with your pool swim. The gym and pool in the 10th floor is well equipped and looks new. Try the spa if you have the extra bucks to pamper yourself with.

There's Tosca and Makan Kitchen for dinner, as well as Cellar Door for a winery savor experience. Axis Lounge allows guests to unwind themselves through drinks while getting loose with jazzy/lounge performances. And as for breakfast, there's the Food Store but we kinda opt for Austin Chase since the coffee is going for 30% during weekends.

The room in Double Tree is relatively one of the better rooms I've bunked in. My family and I enjoyed our stay there and we're looking forward to coming back.

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