Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#97 : The Illy Coffee Experience

Admiring the artwork of coffee and actually making them are realized this year, courtesy of Time Out KL.

The class was held at Universita del Caffe della Malesia (image courtesy of Classic Fine Foods and Classic Coffee & Beverage Malaysia)

The course was meant for two pax, so I had to either choose my dad or mom to accompany me. However, we managed our way to three pax by using the #pityoldperson technique, my father basically said he will sit at the corner and wait for us (mom and I) to finish the course. The organizer let him in anyway and voila, class for three. Score!

Slide presentations and practical demonstrations (image courtesy of Classic Fine Foods and Classic Coffee & Beverage Malaysia)

Lesson 1, we were given brief explanation on the Illy Coffee, and it’s bean variation and why it is a preferred mixture for coffee brewers. Next, we learned that the variation of coffee as we know it derives from espresso, or base of the coffee. Espresso itself has its parameters to consider for the best extraction. From the temperature to the pressure of the coffee maker, from the amount of coffee grinds used and compression before heading to the machine, these are the factors taken into consideration to get the optimum extraction. Yes, there are such things as under extracting (fail) and over extracting (fail).

Once the base is covered, fresh milk is frothed using steam to create the body of coffee such as cappuccino. Once the perfect frothing is achieved, one can proceed in making the designs on the surface of the coffee. The designs are endless and its limit is only your where your imagination doesn’t takes you.
We even got the chance to try it on our own, and it's a pretty fun experience getting your hands on the machine and getting your coffee done. Well, though opening the 3 in 1 sachet is ten folds easier, hey, this is pricey experience you're getting here.

Noobie getting his hands on the machine!
Pretty smooth don't you think :)

The lessons are priceless and if you do have interest in learning how to prepare good coffee fundamental or even going for master barista, do enroll yourself in various classes offered by Illy School of Coffee, Malaysia. Show me watcha got baby :D

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