Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#87 : The #MyStarbucksCup Doodling

When Starbucks Malaysia launched the #MyStarbucksCup contest via Facebook and Twitter, I couldn't resist but to let my itchy hands join (and at least win something, anything) this contest. After all, this is what I like to do, get my arts into good place and get something out of it.

I admit, I came in into this a bit towards the end, but it's never too late till they said so.
Each day, Starbucks will introduce a theme, and participants have to translate their interpretation of the theme onto Grande, on the go cups. The creativity aspect of this contest is much considered, you are only limited to where the 1 divided by 0 is.

The theme I attempted on is Beautiful Day. I may not have the aesthetic insights critics may sought after but I pretty darn well know how to use my secret weapon in these creativity contests, my personality! If any of you were to follow, there is a distinct trail of Ivanness in most of the slogan or designs I submitted or may submit in the future.

After all the doodles and fiddles are done, selected winners are rewarded with a festive mug and some Starbucks vouchers to spend on. Not too shabby eh :D

My art made it. #selfpat

PS: How would you doodle on your Starbucks cup if you were given these as themes?

Inspire Me | Funky Green | Quotes | Your Name | Love & Courage |
Selamat Hari Raya
| Funny Faces | My Starbucks | Merdeka |
| Beautiful Day | Friendship

Check out the winners Click me :)

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