Sunday, October 23, 2011

#91 : The Green Lantern Hype

One of the my anticipated superhero movies of the year would definitely include Green Lantern, aside from Captain America and X-Men First Class. Green Lantern is basically about a test pilot, Hal Jordan who was selected to became the inaugural human of the Green Lantern Corps, and was given the iconic green ring that grants him the ability to conjure what he thinks into green entity to fights off enemies, in particularly Parallax in this 2011 movie.

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Along side with casts Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins & Mark Strong, I thought that the movie would be epic. Well, it is not as epic as I expected, it feels like watching 114 minutes worth of a Sunday series rather than some bum smack film. Director Martin Campbell could've done a tighter job in dirtying up the movie a little *koff*dark knight*koff*, but that is probably my preference. The CG effect in this film is to be praised for, everything from the costume right to the blingbamboom scenes, this is what probably lifted the movie credibility a little. Kids who may or may not know who Green Lantern is in this show would surely enjoy this film regardless.

Mark Strong is a strong actor, no pun intended but I was actually more impressed at his role in Sherlock Holmes. I believe there will be more on Sinestro in the next installment, if any and we shall see how the Sinestro Corps of Fear will fare.

From Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen to Carol Ferris, Blake Lively never fails to bring her A-game hotness to the screen.

Ryan Reynolds is still a little puzzling as to how he fits into being Green Lantern. He may have pulled it off as Deadpool in Wolverine but to be one of the iconic Justice League member, he certainly may not look like it at first glance, but I guess he did a pretty decent job bringing the Lantern to life.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern & Deadpool
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The other positive thing about this film, is that it didn't deviate too much from its roots, I get to know Green Lantern's story from head to tail, which is one of the things I appreciate if you are making a film based on the comic series. Would I go for seconds if any? I think Green Lantern 2 is in sight, would like to see what it has to offer!

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And oh, in conjunction with the many contests promoted during the Green Lantern movie release, I managed to get some Green Lantern merchandises. Do you think I could be the first Asian Green Lantern? :D

Green Lantern loves crepes :)

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