Monday, October 17, 2011

#100 : The Reborn of a Comper's Passion

January, 2011 is when the flame reignites,
where freebies and winning are in sight,
Bless the year with my prayed for luck,
Losing sometimes is normal, what the f___.

Kicking of my epic 100 list of 2011,
So far, do you ever read what I have written?
Either way, let's get on the ride,
Contests contest contest they're all tight.

Along the way meeting competitive people,
Some strange, some friend, some purple,
If there's contest going on, do let me know,
I've got some tricks on my sleeve, for me to show :)

Joining contests are probably what lightens the weight of an otherwise mundane year. Yes, winning is undeniably euphoric, but losing is part and partial of the game.

You win, you lose, you bitch all you want.

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