Friday, October 28, 2011

#83 : Birthday Eve with Maroon 5

I was all grins when I.M.Magazine selected my entry as one of the 2 winners to witness Maroon 5 Live in Malaysia. On my birthday eve this year, I was accompanied with a friend, Paavitha to Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil for the concert. (Check here for my Birthday event entry)

Winning entries

Tickets to the show
VIP entry #trollface (They're actually collectable tags)

Even getting in the stadium was a long queue, and as predicted the audience standing area was packed, really packed.

Stadium Putra entrance

Concert banner
The hype was further intensified when the band kicked off the concert, that’s when the rock zone went on frenzy. Being in the rock zone myself, I felt that the excitement was infectious.

It didn’t take long before the crowd went cheered even louder when lead Adam Levine came on. Clad in a simple brown tee and jeans, it didn’t even take an extravagant stage settings or dancers for him to create the hysteria among us.
Enthusiastic fan, whoever you are

When I said they put on a show, they really did. Adam and team belted out their famous hits, This Love, Harder to Breathe, Won’t Go Home Without You, Sunday Morning and more. They also performed songs from their latest album, Hands all Over like Misery and Stutter.

Levine definitely knows how to handle his crowds, at one point the audience at the VIP zone were getting physical at each other for unknown reasons, he gave his gentle advice to them from the stage to be nice to each other #likeaboss. Levine is such a ladies’ man as well, the ones who went crazy that day were mainly chicks, and aunties, whichever suits them.

This is probably the best pre birthday gift I’ve ever received, special thanks to I.M.Magazine again and to Maroon 5, get your butts back to Malaysia again soon :)

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