Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#86 : Quarter of a Century


Right after attending the Maroon 5 concert the night before, I was thinking that my birthday on the 30th of April would be an equal if not extravagant event to the concert. I was asking too much right? Anyway, no one really bothered to organize anything so the entire day time was spent online and resting at home.

Until Wai Ming and Jaslin called me out.

It may not be a party, but having the company of two close friends is more than I can ask for.
We started off with dinner and planned for karaoke @ Sunway Giza. Since this was an impromptu birthday event, no proper cake was bought but we improvised with some mini cakes from Full House.

Relieving myself before the k session

Cakes from Full House

We even had time for some Starkers over at OverTime, which boosts our mood to a full blast karaoke session. Some things in life are appreciated when you least expected them, thanks guys :)

My 1st Starker

Western Herbal Tea

Thomas with a familiar pose.

Releasing steam

Birthday Wish :)

PS: Special thanks to my cousin Janice for another karaoke session few days after :)

All images are courtesy of Jaslin & Wai Ming

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