Monday, August 4, 2014

Tips and Tricks : Singapore Day 3/4 - Merlion Park, Sentosa

Day 3, 28th July 2014
Hari Raya Holiday for both Malaysia and Singapore

It was a slightly less hectic day 3 since we have pretty much greedily did a number of places the day before (Click here for Day 2's coverage). We did however did a minor migration from Fragrance Hotel Sapphire to Fragrance Hotel Crystal (both within Geylang vicinity). The both of us booked the rooms in Sapphire via Roomer Travel as we can get a rebate of $15 upon signing up, which we used to get the rooms for a cheaper rate. For the 3rd day however, we settled for the so called cheaper room and voila, Fragrance Crystal.

Bro Tips : Located at Lorong 18 at Geylang, this street actually doubles as the Red Light District in Singapore for those who craves poultry (and along with other alleys in Geylang, but that is up for you to research).

Spot this Building? The Parkview Square, Downtown Core Plan Area is a office building that kind of gave a Japanese vibe when I came across the building by chance.
For brunch, I had a rather uninspiring Singapore Meehoon (or Sing Chau Mai - 星洲米) at one of the hawker shop nearby Sapphire. Then again, it's not one of the place that will blow you off with the food, so I considered that as just a tummy filler, haha.

The Merlion. And Marina Bay Sands. And ArtScience Museum. 
We checked in Crystal and left for Merlion Park shortly after that. Alighting at Raffles Place MRT, it is a short walk to the Merlion Park (Near to Singapore CBD). Another popular tourist spot and one of Singapore's best known iconic statue, the Merlion.

Bro Tips : While you are there, you might go for 
i)  A stroll on the Esplanade Bridge, a road bridge that connects the Esplanade and Merlion

Fullerton Hotel
ii) Fullerton Hotel, a five star hotel, also known as the Fullerton Building/ General Post Office Building
iii) Cavenagh Bridge, one of the oldest bridge in Singapore, the only suspension bridge spans the lower reaches of the Singapore River in the Downtown Core.

Cavenagh Bridge
iv) Sculptures near the Cavenagh Bridge

The River Merchants by Aw Tee Hong
First Generation by Chong Fah Cheong
Our next stop was Suntec City (alight at Promenade/Esplanade MRT station), where we participated in another touristy activity at the Fountain of Wealth. Immersing the hand in to the fountain and walk clockwise three times for, you guessed it, wealth. 

The next mall we headed to was Sentosa. Arguably the place to be for family entertainment, the activities that can be done here includes the Universal Studio Sentosa theme park (Check here for my USS coverage in 2012), the Casino, Palawan Beach and more. 

Shameless Shot at Sentosa
Your options to getting to Sentosa from Vivo City, the nearest mall to Sentosa (alight at Harbour Front MRT Station) are the Sentosa Express Monorail ($2 per trip) or the Board Walk (around 15 minutes walk) for those who fancies walking and enjoying the scenery. Also, you might be interested in taking the cable car that originates from Mount Faber, passes by Harbour Front to the final destination.

Bro Tips : If you're in Vivo City, do try my one of my favorite dessert place (for now), Fruit Paradise Cafe
It seems that they have Japanese Patissiers putting together luscious looking fruits that adorns the tart pastries. Definitely worth a try.

Fruit Paradise : Tart like this makes me happy
... very Happy :)
What would I do differently for the day's itinerary? If Merlion Park is scrapped off the list, USS is definitely the best choice to spend the whole day, for what it's worth. Go earlier in the day to ensure that you can go for as many rides/attraction as possible. And to top it off, watching the sunset along the Board Walk. 

Along the Board Walk to Vivo City
Pretty much that sums up the third day's activity. The last day, depending on your flight/bus time back to Malaysia/your next destination should be left as free and easy as possible (to allow ample time to the airport/bus station). The next day up next!


  1. I also ended up in Fruits Paradise Cafe in Vivo City. By looking all the fruit tarts, it reminds me of Japan.

    1. Fruit Paradise's Tarts all looks so good from the display! And yeah, since it has roots from Tokyo, I guess it is only fitting that we had Japan in mind when we see the tarts, hahaha :)

  2. I went to those places too but my silly eyes saw something else there. How could I ever miss those statues and FOUR buildings.