Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Discovering : 4D3N Singapore

I have an unexplained affinity towards Singapore, July 2014 clocked my 8th time visiting there, which made me wonder why I have not moved there already. The seven previous trips I had were all deconstructed components of a fully touristy trip to Singapore, so to say. When I had the chance to be a faux tour agent, I compiled an itinerary of what a tourist should probably see when they visit Singapore. I will just list a simple itinerary, which can be interchanged at your heart's content. (Just click the image to lead to the post).

For those who fancy the less long winded post, you can also visit my friend, Jason's experience in Singapore, over his blog here

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  1. I love Singapore very much too and always bragged to others the 2 best cities in the world to live are Singapore & San Francisco.