Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Missing Piece

Feeling lost, I can't ignore that void in my heart,
Understanding the missing piece, is a work of art,
Carelessly wander to find that one piece,
Keep searching till my feeling is at ease.

Yearning for that escape from the state of solitude,
Of desires and cravings at the highest magnitude,
Uphill self battle of strength and fortitude.

Bring the light, help me find the missing piece,
Reaching the tunnel's end, desperation released,
One piece that completes me,
Should I find it, the world's perfect, as it should be!

Blatant efforts to that voyage of searching,
Of  challenges, tidal waves with no warning,
The loot at the end, is a rewarding one,
Trust in myself, for this journey's considered done,
Leaving to fate, to the outcome that will succumb,
Endless find, of what it will become!

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