Thursday, January 17, 2013

Listen, Listen, Respect is Earned.

Days where respect is earned, not given,
Alternate world we're living in, lost in translation,
Manners and eloquence, voided in some individual,
No sense of respect, not even an ounce of residual.
Young or old, simple manners must be practiced,
Or else, we're no different than barbarians,
Upholding your integrity, that will never suffice,
Silently respected by others, never dull to oblivion.
Please listen, listen, listen to me,
Respect me. Can I speak? Can I speak?
Insulting & condescending - a modus operandi?
Truly an individual defect, to suppress the weak.
Zealous voices that shines that truth,
Erroneous response, that stoops to the low route,
Rational absent, hey, animals have problems too.
+ sharks, cows, goats, invalid argument, I have no clue.
Fighting these suppressors, is not one person's battle,
It's a war, a social responsibility, where our voice matters!
Bless our country, for we're united in one way another,
Realizing that one common idiot, bringing us closer together,
Enliven ourselves, for our sanity, and a brighter, respectful future.

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