Friday, January 11, 2013


Didn't I promise you the shooting stars?
Or the exhilarating ride of the chasing cars?
Made the promises, I have solemnly kept,
Ever true to myself, as much I can accept,
Can you see that I'd do anything for you,
Anything to make your dreams come true,
Felt so good, felt so right, felt so liberated,
Ever more, for you, I am dedicated.

Albeit the sacrifices, you chose to see it differently,
Reality bites in, you felt that I can't commit thoroughly
Surreal bitterness, that's how it felt for me,
Every day's gloomy, rain and darkness shrouded, entirely
How I wonder, how my life would turn out to be,
Of you being absent to my life, perhaps the right destiny,
Letting you go, is hard, but necessary.
Emancipation I seek, without you, I can finally break free!

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