Thursday, March 9, 2017

Food Review : Rasa Utara

Rasa Utara (Taste of the North in Malay) is established in 1984 and featured the best of Northern Malaysian cuisine. One would find comfort in the authentic Northern Malaysia cuisine served here in its outlet's casual dining ambiance. You may find modernized version of your rustic favourites without compromisation on taste, which I felt Rasa Utara had aced on.

Top Left, Ayam Kari Kapitan and Top Right Pucuk Paku Masak Lemak are gravy based dishes that goes very well with your plain rice. Speaking of rice, the Set Nasi Rasa Utara (Top Middle) comprises of fragranced rice, spicy chicken (think Ayam Masak Merah), crackers and savoury soup for a complete meal, perfect for a serving of one if you are having lunch on a busy weekday.

Bro Tips : Do try their Nasi Jagung (not in picture) for that fragrance rice reminiscence of the nasi minyak kenduri you would find at a traditional Malay wedding buffet. 

Middle Left, the Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda is sure to tickle your spicy tastebud. Anyone who knows me would know that I am a fan of Ayam Masak Merah, and their Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda is simply legendary (pun intended, in a good way). On the Middle Right would be the Daging Masak Kicap. I did not personally try this dish but I heard from my comrades who did preferred to have their meat more tender than it was. Right in the centre would be Rasa Utara's signature Ikan Menari, freshwater catch fried to perfection and paired with their signature sauces. Impressive centre piece for sharing.

Bottom Left would be the Chicken Chop Rasa Utara. While the battered chicken chop is indeed tender and well seasoned and their signature barbecue sauce, I might just opt for their rather more cohesive theme of local Malay cuisine (perhaps this would appeal to the younger patrons). Bottom Middle is Udang Sambal Petai. Three words - Udang, Sambal and Petai. My favourite combination anyday. Spicy, full of umami and that stinky distinctive petai just lifts any meal up for me. Bottom Right would look like your typical satay fix, but their Sate Ayam is not the regular grilled satay you may find. Grilled and fried, the satay has that crunch to it on the exterior and tender within.

Do drop by and you might find your personal, rustic favourites in their extensive menu. Thanks Rasa Utara for having us.

Rasa Utara
Berjaya Times Square, 
Lot G-12 & G-13 , Ground Floor,
No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100
Kuala Lumpur
Telephone number : 03 – 2011 0884
Operation hours : 7.30am – 11.00pm

Bro Tips : Some glossary of the foods just in case you didn't know what their names in Malay meant. Ayam Kari Kapitan - Lieutenant Curry Chicken / Pucuk Paku Masak Lemak - Fatty (but it means rich in this context) Fern Shoots / Set Nasi Rasa Utara - Rasa Utara Set Rice / Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda - Legendary Chili Chicken / Daging Masak Kicap - Soy Sauce Beef / Ikan Menari - Dancing (referring to its presentation, no they are not live when served) Fish / Udang Sambal Petai - Spicy Prawns with Stink Beans (yum) / Sate Ayam - Chicken satay.

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