Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tips and Tricks : Sibu

Sibu town, located at the more north-eastern side of Sarawak is a quiet but dainty place to be in the state. However, this town is also infamous for its triads/paikia activities, which gives it the nickname of 'Wild West' of Malaysia. Also dubbed as the Garden City, this town is predominantly resided by the Foochow Chinese.

It was the new year of 2007, when two friends and myself decided to visit a friend, Karen in her hometown. The journey from Kuching to Sibu via bus took us around 7 hours, with multiple stops along the way (we even almost missed the bus at one of the stops).

There is almost no night activities in Sibu if discounted eating. But at the light of day, there are several places that you can visit when you're in town.

Tua Pek Kong temple

The Tua Pek Kong temple, is dated back to 1870, and one of the remarkable places of worship in Sibu. Jubilee Park and Lake Park are recreational areas that you can walk around, nothing too fancy though.

And of course, the mascot of Sibu, the Swan statue is smacked right in the town center, if you're into those landmarks or so.

Do visit the local market if you wish to load yourself with fresh produce and local good food such as their famed kompia. Kompia is a Foochow delicacy made with flour, oven baked and eaten either with or without meat and a special gravy. Almost similar to bagel or fried donuts in texture, the kompia is loved by the locals, regardless of their race (and of course the halal version for the Malays)


Eating in Sibu, you will find heavy influence of the Foochow cuisine. From the famous Kampua Mee (干盘面) to their Kompia (光饼), you are in for a treat here. Here you can also find ample stalls that sells Mi Suah (some vermicelli and red wine soup dish) as well. Kampua Mee is not to be mistaken with Sarawak's Mi Kolok though they have heavy similarities with each other. Eat with your conventional Maggi chilli sauce, simple but savory dish.

Kampua Mee
Mi Suah
 All in all, Sibu is a dainty town if you wish to escape from your hectic weekday schedules, solely to fill your tummy. Flights from Sibu to Kuching took us approximately 20 minutes, the seats weren't even warmed up enough when we touched down. If you're in Kuching or Miri, why not stop by and check what Sibu can offer you? :)

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