Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Lecka-Lecka Gelato Invention

I love watching The Apprentice, the regular ones before they changed the format and made it to celebrity version. The tasks are inspiring and they helped me to get different insights on working creatively on any given tasks. One of which, was to design new ice cream flavours, and have the most sales from it. Read about the tasks here.

Lecka-Lecka organized a rather similar contest not too long ago, with the sales aspect absent of course. 3 flavours was chosen by them and I was lucky enough to get my flavour chosen among the top 3. :D You can get the taste sample from eCurve or Wangsa Walk Lecka-Lecka branch, on the 29th and 30th of December 2012.

The winning flavours are - Ribena Lychee, Bubble Tea Craze, and Snowball Fudge in descending orders.

Came in 2nd. Bubble Tea Craze
My take on the task was simple, I wanted to choose a flavour that is susceptible to most Malaysians, thus ultimately choosing the Bubble Tea flavour. Had it been the Year of the Donuts, I would've gone with Donut flavour (The winning flavour of the said Apprentice episode, lol) but this year has been very much influenced by bubble tea, thus that direction.

Of course, none of the winners are involved in the actual food tasting process until the results are out, and each of us received 0.5 kg of the winning flavours.

1st Prize - Ribena Lychee
The verdict? I am a sucker for the brownies in the Snowball Fudge flavour but the vanilla based gelato is kinda odd for my liking. The bubble tea gelato works, however as predicted by some the tapioca pearl has been rendered kind of inedible due to its harden/frozen state. The Ribena Lychee should've been a slam dunk, but it resulted to be a bit too sweet.

2nd Runner Up - Snowball Fudge
That's just my humble (food taster/focus group/picky eater) opinion. The public may think differently, hopefully towards our favours. But none the less, it has been a delightful experience to be a gelato designer for once, this could be very well a stepping stone for any of us to hit into the food industry (dreaming it over/dare to dream).

My humble creation - Could've been better :)
And of course, that doesn't hinder me from feeling like....

... I am an Ice Cream man now.

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