Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Night of Eroticism

While this is unlike what Sumptuous Erotica has to offer, I would like to warn before hand that this blog post contains suggestive and mild nudity contents, if you are easily offended or unable to view such materials, click  HERE to leave this post now, or support the turtles HERE.

My travel mates, Larry, Christa and Johan were wrapping the day up after a day trip in Paris city and the Versailles. Strolling through the street of Pigalle, we were constantly persuaded to enter and watch certain 'live shows' along the way. We declined, not sure why but that was what we did. 

We hunted for souvenirs and one particular museum caught our attention. Now this is scarce or non-existent in Malaysia, but this Erotic Museum we saw looks tempting (pun unintended).

I can't exactly recall how much we paid for the entrance, I think it was around € 5 or so. There's NO live models/dancers/performers here but what you can expect are contemporary arts that depicts eroticism. From sculptures to paintings, just keep an open perspective and you will find them less offensive and appreciate its arts value.

There's about 4-5 floors, the arts are generally not categorized here, so do take your time to slowly explore the museum. We went there quite late, so we briskly walk and managed to view all the floors here though. 

Alight at the Pigalle Paris Métro station, where you can see the famous Moulin Rouge, walk along the street and you would be able to find the museum, along side with other performances or adult genre entertainment you might be interested in.  

It's quite an eye opener, you may or may not skip this but we sorta enjoyed the museum 'tour'. :)

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  1. First time here... Ironic how the title actually lured me to your page... Lol. It does look interesting... Although, it might be awkward depending on the company u r travelling with. Lol... XD