Friday, December 30, 2011

#47 : Lunch with Amber Chia

Yeah, how often we get to have lunch with schedule-packed models, but thanks to InPublisher Magazine, we were given a chance to have lunch with Ms. Amber Chia.

We were introduced to her by the hot editor, Ms. Luna Skye, and Amber brought a little guest along with her, son baby Ashton.

Baby Ashton

I would say, the kid is pretty active, and knows how to get his food. Woot!

The venue, Gardens Lifestyle Cafe in 1 Utama was a perfect location, it's more tranquil and not too obvious to the crowd, perfect for a less hectic lunch ambiance. The food itself, not bad I would say.
Had the Teriyaki Chicken set lunch.

Amber is definitely down to earth, and I felt less intimidated talking to her actually than I expected. She also gave us copies of her biography and took a few pictures with us :)

Not a bad way to have lunch eh? :)