Monday, December 26, 2011

#49 : Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve with Jesse Marco

Thanks to Rave, we got ourselves invites to Johnnie Walker's Gold Label Reserve party, featuring Jesse Marco at Zouk Underground, KL. The theme was "gold" though majority of the guests did not adhere to the dressing theme. Oh well.

Gold label chick on duty :)

The party was hosted by Hannah Tan, and it took quite some time before le DJ of the night (Jesse Marco) made his appearance in the KL stage. It didn't take long before the guests got loosen up with common club tracks like Rihanna's We Found Love, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People and more. Nice tracks, but a bit tad common. Gahh.

Jesse taking control of the music

Community Message

We downed quite a number of cocktails for the night, and munched on finger foods and the girls went dancing in the club. A sight to watch. Also, the dancers hired for the event did a good job too. LOL

Drinks up! :)

Gold labels, but not at our table T_T

Overall, it's another one of those club/drinking party with local names gracing the guest list, guess I'm pretty lucky after all to snag my way to the event :)

Lady in Gold, working the dance floor
With legendary Johnnie Walker event goer, Ms. Yee Pee

Keep Walking!

PS: Among the other spotted guests includes Fay Hokulani, Miss Universe Malaysia finalists, and Henry Golding. Yup, no pictures with them unfortunately. LOL

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