Monday, December 26, 2011

#48 : Kronenbourg L'Aperitif

Thanks to , myself and my date Crystal got ourselves to Kronenbourg 1664's L'Aperitif Fashion Launch, at The View, G Tower. Among the notable guests that showed up that day were big names in Malaysia's fashion industry were the renowned Malaysian for his sought after shoes, Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo, Amber Chia, Gilian Hung and Keith Kee.

The view from The View

Kronenbourg Blanc

The theme of the night was fashionably chic, which I guess it's pretty synonymous with the branding image Kronenbourg was going for.

Aside from the free flow of Kronenbourg beer (my personal favorite would be Blanc, the blue bottle), we were exclusively treated with a fashion runway show for Gallo by Thian's Concept, Teresa Thian. Come to think of it, this is my first time attending a fashion event. LOL.

Gillian Hung and Amber Chia spotted.

The famous Jimmy Choo

Teresa Thien, Gallo by Thien

The Kronen girls? A little bit Rio ruffles, I must say

Enjoying the beer....

...and the food!

Teresa Thian and her models.

We managed to catch Amber Chia during her belated birthday celebration. It's nice that she still recognizes Crystal and I from the lunch appointment we had with her few months ago. Managed to ask about her baby as well, baby Ashton is apparently quite well and naughty (says his mother, lol).

And right before leaving, we so called 'checked in' in the event, with the assistance of some chicks. This is where suddenly, I am incapable of using the computer and needed help :D

Check out the cool displays of Kronenbourg bottles taken around G Tower. Pretty chic stuff I must say.

And this is what was found in the goodie bag! :)

All in all, great event by Kronenbourg, a night of exclusive French beer, the Kronenbourg 1664 and the L'Aperitif Fashion debut was an indulgent combination.

For more info of Kronenbourg and L'Aperitif, do log in their Facebook page at

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