Sunday, November 13, 2011

#64 : Hennessy Artistry 2011

Le invites :)
Courtesy of Klue, I managed to get invites to the anticipated Hennessy Artistry event in the Malaysia International Events and Convention Center (MIECC) in Mines. Didn't manage to stay long for this event though, as my date (Rave) and I headed up to Genting the same night for another event the following day.

Managed to catch a pix with Kimberly, Ms.Universe Malaysia

Free flow were all night long, the mix drinks includes Apple, Cranberry, Ginger or Soda. Guests were invited to participate in interactive stations including the interactive photo booth, mixing station, and some music stimulating game.

Didn't stay until the performances started, but words went out that Vj Utt and Fay Hokulani did a good job hosting the event with line up of performances by Park Jung Min, Landy Wen, Chris Willis and DJ Blink and Goldfish.

Performance Stage for the NightFrom top left clockwise: Hennessy Artistry Mix flavors, Richard, Shaun and Rave (with Ivan Chan spamming all three of the pictures with people in it)

Don't take my words for it, check out pro bloggers Isaac & Joel living the experience like pros :)


  1. lol, thanks for linking me bro. I didnt get to catch up with you that night... hope to see you soon!

    ps. awesome night!

  2. Wasn't at the blogger's arena ma...LOL
    Yea, read about it at your post...darn couldn't stay lol

  3. @Tony, I wanted to find you that day, saw Benjamin, Richard, Shaun etc lol