Saturday, December 28, 2013

Paranormal Activity - The Marked Ones (Movie Review)

A quick recap on the Paranormal Activity franchise :

Paranormal Activity (2007) - 'Found footage' of an unexplained haunting that happens to a young couple, Micah & Katie, encapsulating all the paranormal activities in a voyeuristic perspective (yes, bedroom scenes included) using home digital camera. 

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) - A prequel to PA1, the 'found footage' of the unexplained (which is later explained to the audience) haunting that happened in Katie's sister, Kristi's household. PA2 further explained why the haunting happened in PA1, with special appearance by Katie.

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) - A prequel to the prequel of PA1, the 'found footage' explained the previously unexplained incidents in PA1 & PA2, where the story delved further into the history of Katie & Kristi's haunting/demonic possessions/behavioural changes.

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) - Finally, no more prequels, PA4 is a sequel of PA2 and focuses on Alex, who also recorded a series of paranormal activities on recorders, security cams and video cams, who happened to be a neighbor of the said missing Katie (eh, news never showed Katie's pictures on TV/newspaper ah?).

Now, our beloved franchise brings you a slight spin off of the Paranormal Activity franchise - The Marked Ones.

The 'found footage' taken in 2012, revolves around the protagonist, Jesse who unfortunately happens to stumbled across the strange phenomena known as Paranormal Activity, and yada yada suffers the same haunting. Same B-grade acting to be expected along the way, slightly clever lines that won't bore you half way throughout the movie, ridiculous video shots and angles, and one clear thing I noticed along the movie, it looks like elements from Chronicle/ Resident Evil/ Insidious are mashed up into this movie (no spoiler intended, you would have to watch/read spoiler reviews).

Same WTF moments to be expected at the end of the movie, but I personally enjoyed the show for good laugh (whether it was intentional or otherwise) & very minimal scare factors (whether it was intentional or otherwise). 

Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones opens in cinemas nationwide on the 2nd of January, 2014.
Running Time : 84 minutes | Director : Christopher B.Landon

This premiere screening is courtesy of Nuffnang :)

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