Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Food Review : Juadah Iftar at the Spread, Gardens Hotel

One of the hardest question to answer in life : Where to eat?

Especially the Holy month of Ramadhan, finding a place to eat poses double the challenge as finding the things you might want to eat crowded and end up settling for something just for the sake of having dinner. 

A buffet doesn't seem to be such a bad idea, especially when you don't have to order the food before hand (for the Muslims) AND there is just enough food/choices for everyone.

The buffet spread in, uhm, The Spread is a suggestion to where to have dinner at a family comfortable environment with height view of the city (located at the 6th Floor of the St. Giles Hotels and Residences, Gardens, KL) and cozy ambiance to dine at. 

Like how buffets should be, a smorgasbord affair including classic Malay dishes, halal Chinese cuisine, Indian delights, and international dishes such as sushi. Also included for those who loves their meat, bottomless barbequed lamb anyone? Desserts are aplenty here as well, local kuih-muih and other dessert are sure to put a sweet finish to your dinner.

 This limited dinner option is available at the Spread from 22nd June 2015 till 13th July 2015 (limited time). Priced at RM134 nett per adult and RM 67 nett for children (6-12 years old), each customer are entitled to the buffet inclusive of a door gift. Corporate gift vouchers are also available (advance purchase required) for a limited offer of RM124 nett per adult (do check its availability as they are limited offer). All prices stated are inclusive of 6% GST.

For reservation and enquiries, do reach to 03-2268 1188 ext. 6123 or  drop by to the St Giles Hotel web site for more info.


  1. I never have problem to find a good place to eat so long as my pocket permits.
    I love buffets when I have the ample quality time to slowly eat and chat with good company.
    This place at Gardens seem new to me and looks very good and tempting. Next time I will be your guest!